It’s a water day!

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Yesterday was a chocolate lovin’ day. Made 2 x 8″ flourless cakes with the recipe scanned below… even got to use one to celebrate a fellow momma’s birthday today in an impromptu way… FUN! It turned out more mousse-like than cake like… in fact I had to leave it in the oven (350F) for over an hour to harden up a bit… even then I turned the oven off and let them sit in there until the oven completely cooled off. Delicious. I used homemade almond milk, but I’m sure you could substitute whatever… I am tempted to try coconut oil but didn’t want to take the gamble!

Just don’t walk away and burn the butter like I did… and you’ll be alright! : IMG_0528

Anyone have a use for burned butter?!? Shows where my mind is… scattered!

Today’s a 20 degree sprinkler day!!! yahoo!! I have 2 water babies and a sun bather. Ahh.

IMG_0532 IMG_0530 IMG_0533  img044

Sorry no photos of the finished cake… was a bit of a crackled looking top… ate ’em too fast! Next time!





Happy Birthday


For Kurt’s birthday, he celebrated with a hot tub filled with 1 other gentleman, a little boy, and 8 little girls. There is a family who joined us for our 5-family potluck that just moved from Japan last year. Now THAT is a big move! Different language, culture… no one in either of their families has ever left Japan. Incredible. Inspiring. And, their pregnant! Their 2nd girl will be born in Canada.

The icing on the cake was amazing… lift off the solid part of the cream from 3 cans of coconut milk (use the remainder in a curry!), whip it up with a bit of maple syrup (doesn’t need much) and place in fridge for a while before the party… voila! Everyone LOVED it. Dairy-free whipped topping. Better than icing, ice cream… so rich & satisfying. Just dollop onto individual servings of cake, waffles, the list goes on…



Yamming it up

Today my husband had his first haircut since we moved here. I think we both forwent haircuts (except for my self-cut in September) partly 1) because we didn’t have a stylist yet, but also 2) in protest to… something… just hanging back a bit, going slow with getting rooted, being intentional… and maybe sending a memo that to us, at this time of life, there is more important stuff to spend time on than hygiene. There just IS. Like… drawing, for example. Or if not that then laundry, cooking, making people connections.

Fuzz IMG_1898

Now I want your vote – bachelor #1 or bachelor #2?? Seriously – email, FB, call… do tell! I’m curious. As for me, I’m going to keep my mop going. I’ve been living here almost 9 months. Very aptly, I feel on the verge of a birth. Since this is the first time I have ever had a 2 year old but am NOT about to give birth, I experience this as very interesting. In my experience, when the baby is about 3-4 months old I enter the world again… so I will update you in April or May! For now, I enjoy the anticipation.

The best quotable quote today by J: “Mom, does EVERYTHING go in the dump?” (hmmm… good question!). The “is this really happening?” moment: Janelle throwing herself to the ground, yelling loud enough to wake the neighbors, and refusing to walk to the mailbox (for 1/2 hour!) because she could not get her chapstick out of her pocket. She had mittens on, and when I calmly explained to remove one and get the chapstick, this threw her into a higher frenzy. Stefan and I made the journey solo. The best recipe: Sweet potato, carrot, apple and lentil soup. The recipe is scanned, hope you can read it! Check my italics for changes I made. It was 3/3 for gobbling this up!! YAH!  img011

IMG_1895  IMG_1899

Soup: I did not hand blend it, as you can see. I did mash it a bit with a potato masher at the end. The onion & carrot I chopped fine, the yams in chunks. I used pear instead of apple (I had no apples!). I added 4c water and only 2c veggie broth. I added 1 c of sprouted beans in lieu of lentils (I did not have lentils!). I did add ginger… I love ginger! I skipped the chili powder and paprika and pepper! 


Burger Greens

My special girl Janelle loves her veggies. Here is her version of “burger night”. Skip the bun, and most of the burger. Put all the veggies and avocado in a lettuce wrap:

IMG_1888 IMG_1881

Tonight our spread on our burgers was Pumpkin Seed Dip – This is one of my favorite ones! I brought it to a potluck at work and everyone wanted the recipe. It is better than it sounds! Trust is…

Soak 1c pumpkin seeds in water at least 6 hours. Drain. Put in food processor with 1c (or more!) cilantro (or parsley as original recipe stated), 2 Tbsp olive oil, juice of 1 lemon, a dash of cayenne, a SMALL clove of garlic (beware!) and salt to taste (1/4tsp). The original also called for fresh ginger but I have never tried that. Blend and serve. Great on crackers, veggies, burgers, sandwiches, or by the spoonful too!

IMG_1884 IMG_1883


Travelling Fast (Curry)

IMG_1857 This is the latest gadget to join my kitchen. I love slow food… preparing from scratch, fresh ingredients – but sometimes saving a few seconds just feels so good. Grab the handle & go! Veggies into the curry. Voila! We aim to keep our days at home pretty slow pace: one car outing a day (at most), lots of time for free play, and being outside morning and afternoon. But, no matter how slow we can aim… sometimes the children speed up. This week is like that. First, we had Daria lose her 6th tooth:

IMG_1796 IMG_1794

Waldorf education ties a lot to the change of the teeth, in terms of how big the child is and how they move into a new phase of life… somehow older, more “awake” and more individual. We have seen that in Daria this week… amazing! And then, in the blink of an eye, Janelle mastered shoe tying:

IMG_1858 IMG_1860

How excited is she?? A highly determined and persistent student, she ends up mastering anything she puts her mind to in a very short while this little one! She is an incredible and avid learner. And very self-driven. We are so proud of you Janelle!

Sibylle’s Veggie Curry: We have been making this curry for years, it is a recipe from a friend Sibylle who I did University Rowing with and my sister met in Grade 5. It is an old faithful recipe that I have cooked, modified, and enjoyed a great many times. Cook 1 tsp mustard seeds (original called for black but I have done yellow a lot too) in 2 Tbsp oil or ghee until they pop. You can buy ghee on the shelf of Superstore in the Ethnic section. Add 2 onions, chopped fine. Cook until soft. Add 2 tsp mild curry powder (or 4 Tbsp Curry Paste), 1 can coconut milk and 14 oz plain crushed tomatoes (original called for 1 c coconut milk and 1/2 c yogurt but I use the whole can and usually skip the yogurt). Stir until combined. Add 2 carrots. Cook 5 min. Add 2c cauliflower florets, optional eggplant or sui choy, simmer 5 min. Add green beans, broccoli florets, zucchini, mushrooms – should be 4-6 c of vegetables. Then salt to taste and simmer until tender, maybe 12 min. I often make it in the afternoon in cast iron pan and turn it off after I add the last round of veggies and by dinner they are tender crisp! We served with quinoa, can also be served with rice.


Almonds and Millet


Made one of my favorite salads yesterday for dinner – cooked millet with chickpeas, shredded lettuce, fresh peppers, grated carrot, top with green onion & raisins if you like, chopped nuts, and a curry ginger dressing (below). You could probably use this dressing for anything! I hardly ever cook millet, but it is best (i think) about 2c millet to 3c salted water and even better with a dollop of butter while cooking. Once cooked (after 15 min on low) remove lid so it does not get mushy.

This morning we had an unconventional breakfast of cake! before the children headed out with Kurt (my work day) to visit a local farm that sells shares in cows… meaning we may soon have access to raw milk! yah! To preserve the identity of the farm, no photos will be posted, but they did enjoy themselves immensely. Here is the Almond Cake. Basically 6 eggs, 2c ground almonds… and coconut sugar, cinnamon if you like. I added 1c shredded zucchini. There is a trick to whipping it up so fluffy (separate eggs and whip whites until stiff). Bake at 300F until set. We served with blueberry sauce.

IMG_1842  IMG_1845

Curry Ginger dressing: 1/4c avocado oil, 2T rice vinegar, 1T miso, 1/2 tsp curry powder, 1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger, 1 small titch of fresh garlic, 1 tsp sugar and 1 Tbsp warm water.


S is for Stack It Up

Kids really enjoy stacking up their own foods… last night it was burger night. While Diana was stuck on the Malahat (stopped for 45 min due to an accident, happily knitting away…), the rest of the family was busy stacking it up: IMG_1253 IMG_1254 IMG_1259

“Daddy day” is every 2nd Friday, and most Saturdays, while Diana works some hours (contracting private pediatric OT services). Yesterday Diana met a child who only eats about 5 foods, if you can call them foods: chocolate, triple chocolate muffin from Tim H’s, chocolate bear paws, chocolate pudding (in a package), chocolate ice cream, Kraft Peanut butter (when I was there she even rejected this preferring instead to remove peanut butter from between 2 mini-Ritz crackers), and the one savory food, Fish Crackers. Where does a foodie like me start?? It is a delicate balancing act.

Kurt took pictures yesterday to give you an idea of his “Daddy days”:

IMG_1241      IMG_1243  IMG_1239IMG_1247

We both agree we need child-size tools for Christmas!

Bean Burgers (adapted from recipe in Vegetarian Manifesto): 1c chopped onion, 4 cloves garlic (minced), 1/2c grated carrots – saute these first. Then mix all in a bowl: 3c cooked pinto or kidney beans, 2 Tbsp Dijon mustart, 2 Tbsp soy sauce (we use Bragg), 1 Tbsp tomato paste, 1.5 c rolled oats, 1 tsp ground cumin, 1.5 tsp chili powder (or 1 tsp paprika and 1/2 tsp coriander), salt and pepper. Squeeze it all together hard with your hands, so the beans pop open and mix with the rest (can use a masher I suppose too!). Form into patties, cook 5 min on each side in a greased pan. Serve with tomato, lettuce, avocado, onion… stack it up!