About Me

I love food. I embrace genuine, intentional, calm, and connected living.

I believe life is abundant, and I aim to live generously, from this notion of abundance.

I aim for my children to feel enjoyed, accepted, conscious of their own self worth, mindful of the rights of others.

Our family aims to be stewards of the earth. To reduce waste, reduce mass production of goods (particularly plastic) and reduce consumerism. To know where our food comes from, and live close to the source.

These are huge notions, but they become simple when enjoyed! Quite simply, I love food!

My gift with food is I can see big picture, and I don’t take it too seriously. I enjoy, with reckless abandon, what works out well. What doesn’t, I forgive myself of readily and aim to do better next time!

I aim to do the same in daily life, parenting, marriage, and friendships. I am a new resident to Vancouver Island. I am blessed with a beautiful family whom I happen to love feeding and gardening with!

IMG_3857                  IMG_3832

Our family is transitioning to Island life. My husband, Kurt, is so happy here, filled with excitement at the ocean and all its wonders. I am happy for what this change has brought him. Our children are at peace. And yesterday, on Mother’s Day, I walked the labyrinth of what will take shape here for me…

IMG_3856                       IMG_3854

I aspire to be a gardener. I aspire to own chickens. I aspire to be a guitar player. There are many goals I have yet to realize in my own development, but I know I want to be the kind of person who plants a garden, shops outside of the supermarket whenever possible, and eats with others and with the fullest pleasure, because “in this pleasure we experience and celebrate our dependence and our gratitude for we are living from mystery, from creatures we did not make and powers we cannot comprehend” (Micheal Pollan).

Cheers to being interdependent, gracious, and living in God’s supernatural world. I welcome you to my blog!

In this blog I will aim to follow a breathing cycle: on the IN breath, I will share about food and/or gardening in our family and how it nourishes us, on the OUT breath I will share about how we are using the energy drawn from food to create and take in simple daily gifts in our home and community here in Cowichan Bay.

I see food as a window to my soul. When I am in balance and at peace, my creativity with food flows. When I am challenged and worn out, my interest, excitement & abilities with food wane. I believe in my children. My love for them does not wane. This blog is for you three, Daria, Janelle and Stefan. I pray you always feel solid and nourished in your roots. I hope this journal of your young life inspires you to always be well nurtured and fed daily, and desire to give back as fervently (as you did at 3!) to your family and community. You are loved!


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