6 weeks old

IMG_1816 IMG_1812

After a blueberry peach jam frenzy, we were off to meet our 6 week old pup. She’s a beauty!

IMG_1831 IMG_1850

The countdown is on… 2 weeks until she comes home.

She hung out in our arms and peeked out from under the breeder’s chair,

she was definitely calmer than “mud face” (the whiter one the breeder gave this name!) who chewed Stefan’s pant leg and romped around the whole visit.

IMG_1855 IMG_1822

Puppy tips?

So far we’ve heard if you put a ticking clock near their kennel it reminds them of their mum’s hearbeat and calms them.

If you put a box in the kennel at first you can use a bigger one, and they are not as likely to pee/poo on one side as they sleep on the other!

Our little sprites are soooooooo ready for this new addition!

IMG_8857 IMG_1825

This is Daria’s dance outfit from modern last year… I add it as we try to decide whether to continue in modern.

Classes this year are on Saturdays!

I think we’re opting for the girls to do a gymnastics class together instead. We shall see!