Our new girl

IMG_1699   IMG_1693

2016. A giant year. Stefan is entering kindergarten. Diana and Kurt turn 40.

And we are choosing to join the land of dog owners, the canine land, puppy-dom…

Yes, we are inviting into our lives a pooch, a pup, a “man’s best friend”.

I’ll be the first to admit I am going in somewhat blind.

Today was the first day that any of us had gone to meet a not-yet-3 week old puppy that we are soon to call ours.

First I must say a wee Amen to “firsts”. I do love firsts. New experiences. Jumping in.

IMG_1712 IMG_1711

Will it be one of the cream color? The one on the left is a bit darker, the other whiter. Or will it be the lone black female?

Time will tell. The breeder is to choose the “most confident, easygoing” female for us.

Advice? Sure throw it our way!

I think we always enter “firsts” in life a bit blind, no?

Isn’t that how we learn, discover what is for us and what isn’t… being blind or blindsided is what “firsts” are all about.

The alternative? We could stay with what we know, what is predictable, what is certain.

Or what we perceive as certain. For we all know nothing is.

My guess is this girl will be ours. The whitest:


IMG_1700 IMG_1695

But just a hunch. Time will tell.

This was a pretty special, skookum, melt my heart moment.

I think their expressions say it all.

IMG_1715 IMG_1712

Yes, we know we are crazy.

Yes, we know there may be sleepless nights. Check. We are used to those.

Yes, we know you can’t take them to restaurants. Check. We don’t go to any now! Ha ha.

Yes, we know puppies poop. In our yard. Check.

We also planted 5 blackberry bushes back there. We aim to use our yard to the fullest. Why else is it there?

Yes, we know dogs need walks. Check. I have been walking my neighbor’s dog 3x/week consistently for over 2 years.

So, the only thing I see yet to do to prepare for this mystery – we officially have 36 days to declutter our home, our schedule, and our soul and prepare for new love.

Not a shabby undertaking.

One I’m excited for.

I kind of learn by necessity sometimes.

IMG_1707 IMG_1701

I never had a puppy growing up. Or in my 20s, or my 30s…

I know this dog will teach me lessons I much need. And cannot seem to teach myself. Growing, adapting, changing. I’m strapped in.

I have no knowledge, no wisdom to share about dogs. What I have heard is that 77 year old Dr. Jane Goodall misses being a pet owner herself – of dogs, that is. “I can’t, can I? Three hundred days on the road?” she exclaims.

I choose to trust her 77 year old wisdom. Apparently a dog (not a chimp!) is her favourite animal. She gave an amazing snippet in an interview I can’t find right now, about insights she has each time she spends time with a dog.

I’ve given this choice much thought.

In fact I first inquired about being a guardian for Lina back in October of 2013.

Kurt and I did not give parenthood this much thoughtful consideration. Some decisions are heart decisions, not a fit for “pros” and “cons” lists.

And this is another one of those.

Pray for us if you like!

I am already grateful for this gift to our family.

p.s. if you are interested you can meet our pup’s parents here. Ours will be a “Standard Teddy Bear Golden Doodle” and have a soft wavy (vs. curly) coat.


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