I am in adoration of these 3 beauties. I look at photos like this and can hardly believe how incredibly blessed I am.

Feeling fortunate to be going offline for 2 weeks.

Feeling not so proud of all the mothering moments it took to get here…

But so looking forward to another family vacation to our favourite beaches.

Your mom has missed you incredibly. In my striving to provide for you and all I somehow feel you need, I have lost the central aspect for a time.

It is time to come back home to these 3, to play some rounds of badminton, and read some books, and marvel at the wonder of mother nature’s bounty.

I do pray I have an OT partner in place in a few months. Someone to share my passion and zeal for this work with, and someone to share the load.

Open up some wide open spaces in my life that are so needed.

Phases like these past few months are meant to be for a short time, not a life time.

May I remain accountable to those words.

And now to try to sleep… I’m WAY too excited to see these 3 frolic!


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