Easter Breakfast


This morning Kurt mused why we don’t always have such a bright and beautiful breakfast table.

One of our family’s favourite days of the year. Easter Sunday.

We have a full day of traditions around this day – egg discovering in the yard, church service, sharing a meal with my parents and our friends Lesley, Geoff & Skyla.

This year we added a new element.

Barley porridge!

I made this the night before. Delicious on its own. The two littles GOBBLED 2 bowls up before their egg hunting…

IMG_9470 IMG_9485

And then I took the rest of the barley porridge, just as the gal writing the blog suggests, zing in the Vitamix with 6 eggs and a spurt of oil.

Fried them up.

Seriously the best pancakes!! So tasty.

This will be a repeated recipe in our house, particularly since the girls are growing tired of the same, same oat porridge.

IMG_9487 IMG_9480

Had to share this as in my 8th day off out-of-the-house work, I am feeling revitalized. The first passion to come back – you got it – FOOD!

I also made a “Raspberry Un-cheese cake” (vegan, gluten free) for the first time in several years. Yummy Easter dessert.

IMG_9483 IMG_9474

That I really don’t mind if my children have seconds of. Basically nuts, dried fruit and lots of nutritional power.

I do so love these kids.

It has been such a treat to spend the first week of Spring break with them….

I can only imagine what blessings week 2 will bring (along with a bit more “work for work”).

IMG_9482 IMG_9472


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