Easter Breakfast


This morning Kurt mused why we don’t always have such a bright and beautiful breakfast table.

One of our family’s favourite days of the year. Easter Sunday.

We have a full day of traditions around this day – egg discovering in the yard, church service, sharing a meal with my parents and our friends Lesley, Geoff & Skyla.

This year we added a new element.

Barley porridge!

I made this the night before. Delicious on its own. The two littles GOBBLED 2 bowls up before their egg hunting…

IMG_9470 IMG_9485

And then I took the rest of the barley porridge, just as the gal writing the blog suggests, zing in the Vitamix with 6 eggs and a spurt of oil.

Fried them up.

Seriously the best pancakes!! So tasty.

This will be a repeated recipe in our house, particularly since the girls are growing tired of the same, same oat porridge.

IMG_9487 IMG_9480

Had to share this as in my 8th day off out-of-the-house work, I am feeling revitalized. The first passion to come back – you got it – FOOD!

I also made a “Raspberry Un-cheese cake” (vegan, gluten free) for the first time in several years. Yummy Easter dessert.

IMG_9483 IMG_9474

That I really don’t mind if my children have seconds of. Basically nuts, dried fruit and lots of nutritional power.

I do so love these kids.

It has been such a treat to spend the first week of Spring break with them….

I can only imagine what blessings week 2 will bring (along with a bit more “work for work”).

IMG_9482 IMG_9472


A soul day

IMG_9268 IMG_9239

A nourishing day. The gift of a lifetime.

I am so proud of how our children meet the offerings of this amazing community.

In countless ways. In their ability to connect with new friends with such fluidity and harmony.

A once reserved 3 year old who now bloomed into a daring 6 year old ready to be one of 10 girls on the ice.


In an arena with many seats filled. She took hold of a dynamic routine, staying tuned in to others, and sharing her new passion – the ICE!

A sweet 4 year old with a flippy floppy top hat. Waving, smiling, gliding. And picking out all his loved ones in the audience!

When I asked him how he did that, he just said “I have good eyes Mom”. Yup, you do my sweet boy.

To contribute. Drink in. Treasure.


IMG_9269 IMG_9262

IMG_9248  IMG_9225

Well done my sweeties, well done!!!

As a mom my heart stretches every time I watch you, my children, take on something new, something I see as challenging, something I can make complicated and feel worried about…

And to you it comes naturally, easily, smoothly…

I learn from you every day. EVERY moment I am with you.

Will I learn I can relax and drink in these moments? They really are here to bless us.
These gorgeous moments pass quickly…

And left… not just memories, but so much present day joy, reverberations of our shared experiences.