The years are short, cuddle them!

As we were getting ready for bed, Stefan asked if he’d be able to wear his monkey Christmas pjs next year at Christmas. Dad replied “well you might be a bit bigger next year”. So he says “I might be 7 next Christmas… then you’d miss your little boy Stefan, hey?”.


Yup, ain’t that the truth.

The present moment is all there is.

Cuddles on the recliner with my mid stroke Janelle as she suffers a wee headache after a long school day.

Admiring a block tower built as a landing for a wooden plane.

Carrying mittens, lunch kits, and treasures found from the beach.

Listening always.
Reflecting their feelings in every moment. Letting them know they are heard.

Things may not always go their way, but I hear you. I hear you. I hear you.

And, I see you. I see you. I see you.

I know what you like, I know what is important to you.

And I will carve out the time you need. Now.

Always. To the best I can.

IMG_8847  IMG_8865

I will love you always. No matter what. Nothing can separate us. Nothing.

I admire my 8 yr old, preparing for her piano recital and now her upcoming dance show.

I admire my mid stroke, Janelle, always eager to interact and play with everyone.

And, for my little boy who turned 4, I am now creating the most wonderful dolly for you to love.

Stretching my creative self.

Sacrificing sleep.

Facing my demons. The ones that tell me I will not make a good enough dolly. That I am not artistic.

The ones that kept the dolly materials on the shelf for months. Staring at me. Daring me.

And now… they have been crafted into limbs.

Lying here next to the doll I made several years ago. The one given to this now wonderful 8 yr old girl who cuddles and cares for her so tenderly.

IMG_8845 IMG_8864

I am cuddling these years.

And, giving up a bit of my food passion in the meantime…

What is up with food these days? The price of veggies stops me in my tracks.

I am finding other outlets for my creativity.

And going with the simplicity of dried legumes and squash, potatoes, rice… salads. Dressings.

I am fortunate that food will always be there.

Quality hours with my 3 favourite souls…. those I am working to cultivate in 2016.


It is 2016

IMG_8586 IMG_8605

Our 2nd annual trip to Mt. Washington on New Years Day.

We are fortunate to have vibrant and welcoming and generous friends, who began this tradition with us last year.

And met us at 6:30am today.

Ended the day with us, with a sushi dinner at 6:30pm.


These friends are gentle yet persistent, and I am grateful for their invitations and their generosity.

Which time and again gets us out of our comfort zone.

Enjoying a sunrise we would not have otherwise seen.


Considering things we might not have thought about.

Sharing food we all have such appreciation for.

We wondered today… why is it that another child’s lunch looks so interesting, far more interesting than the child’s own lunch?

BUT there is a catch – when taken out for dinner, or over at a friend’s for dinner… suddenly the child hunkers for their Mom’s usual fare?

IMG_8592  IMG_8556

Hmmm… that is about as deep as the thoughts went today.

It was a day of fresh air, warm sun, amazing company, and a bit of madness.

Since it used to take us 22-25 minutes to drive to the ski hill from our doorstep,

We are still adjusting to the 2-2.5 hour commute.

But, ah, the gorgeous snow awaits. So sparkly and fresh.