Christmas 2015

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I feel blessed to have spent this Christmas with my entire family.

Our children, now 4, 6, and 8 were able to truly breathe into the magic of the season. Without undue overstimulation. With some much appreciated flexibility and adaptation – the fruit of maturation! Yay, we made it through the young years (barely…).

The kids Christmas was with much love, and a depth of relationship with many adults who love them. Last Import - 5 of 13

We had many firsts.

Our first trip to Butchart Gardens, with my parents for their “12 Days of Christmas”. And ran into new friends there! Serendipitous.

IMG_8081 IMG_8068 IMG_8087

The first season with our “kindness mice” who moved around our house through Advent to thank each child for their demonstration of loving kindness, the true spirit of the season. An idea we picked up here.

The first year we brought each pair of children to shop for the other child – so each child received a gift chosen specially by their siblings. Siblings home, creating many new lively and loving memories together.

The first year we all celebrated Christmas together in my parents’ new house. As they said, it has shown them “change is possible”.

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We also had many annual traditions, including the advent spiral, the 3rd annual gingerbread house making, the Christmas skate at Kerry Park arena, and the Live Nativity in Shawnigan Lake complete with REAL animals and a REAL baby which is such an enriching and soulful experience.




I must say the best part of the season has been to slow down.

As Christmas is done, we now prepare for the 12 Holy Nights I am ever inspired and turning inwards.

I will set up the table now for our first of 12 watercolour paintings as a family. With each painting, keeping in mind one of the 12 months coming towards us. When each new month begins, to return and have a look at the painting for that month. To feel the interconnectedness of the seasons, and the hope that comes with each New Year.

So enjoying my time and home. My slowing down. Even going backwards. No meals to fuss over, no lunches to pack. Lots of board games to play, songs to sing, and our new lyre to make a melody on.

No plans, no expectations, no thinking. Room for emotion. Art. Music. Creating (a doll for Stefan is one of my projects… one arm down!).

Maybe it will be the year of music?

The year of sisters?

Last Import - 6 of 13

Or, the year of connecting and hanging out with amazing women?


I am so looking forward to the unfolding of 2016. Life is such a gift.

Live it, love it…


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