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I was inspired by a friend to revisit my blog… having moved to the world of Apple I have been quite late in accessing my blog…

In any case thank you for checking in!

We are so enjoying the Advent Season.

Touching moments too many to share.

Today blessed with some of our favourite people coming to our home to create.

IMG_8060  IMG_8057

We realize there are SO many ways to build a gingerbread house. Having friends around has been a MUST for our family every year!

We use this tried and trusted recipe and cut outs… Maybe you want to make a house this year too? Its a great way to invite neighbours into your home. And its not so hard to set up, I recommend making the dough one day, rolling it out and baking the next, and hosting the 3rd day. Very reasonable.

And then to share an incredible raindrop free evening wandering the Butchart Gardens with my parents… a place we’ve never been (unless you count my mom going in 1967!). A very fulfilling, outdoor, family Christmasy experience.

Oh to be 8 and ride Rudolf in the Carousel!! Or to be 4 and hope on the sleigh with your Dad.

IMG_8084 IMG_8082

Pretty precious moments on this heart warming day as we remember to “Live it, Love it, Let it go”.


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