Home Sweet Home

IMG_6097 IMG_6112

We’ve been enjoying our month at home… last night an evening visit to the ocean after bath time and complete with popcorn (where Janelle remarked she and Daria “never hold hands while walking”).

Today a post-nap visit to the river, our first time all swimming across together, with various props depending on our swimming abilities! Yah!

IMG_6293 IMG_6289


Each outing planned just moments before… sparked by what we feel like doing. And created by everyone pitching in!

We’ve had some very precious moments, it would take pages to describe each… but here are a few I feel especially connected with.

Stefan asked for a teddy just like his sisters. We’ve been waiting for this moment! And alas now he is very attached to being the teddy’s “mummy” and taking very good care of him.

We had this teddy stashed away. We were waiting for the moment it would mean something.

IMG_6076 (2)  IMG_6151

Each child now has one of these… all 3 we were given 8 years ago from Diana’s old workplace! Daria has slept with hers every day since and even bathes him! And you can see Janelle nestles hers too.

Speaking of my wonderful midstroke, Janelle is just feeling her first new teeth after losing 7 this year! And she’s pumped to be getting her 6 year molars. I love that unique grin.

IMG_6172 IMG_6152

Daria spent all morning in her “baby outfit” (which she wore when she was less than 1 and a doll has been wearing since!). The laughter than ensued… holy!

I feel very blessed to be able to be present. Have time relatively free of schedule, drop offs, lunch making, and programs….

Time to just be.

To enjoy a massage from our precious 3 yr old for 2 nights in a row.

To weed.

To read.

To say “yes” to some of these little ones’ crazier ideas and spontaneous moments.

To be freed from the “time to go here” – zip home – now “time to go there”.


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