Livin’ Crazy


It has been a fantastically full and luscious 2nd week of summer.

With our annual family camping trip to Green Point (Tofino) fast approaching in 2 sleeps, I feel like I “should” be packing up by now.

Instead I have learned to stop “should-ing” myself as a dear friend JJ has so gracefully taught me.

We had opportunity to have a beach day complete with kayaking at Lake Cowichan with friends.


We spent 3 hours cleaning, mopping, scraping the floor of gunk, mopping some more, and then… when it all dried… playing!!

I am officially on my own. Sole practice, pediatric OT in a one-of-a-kind therapy gym in the Cowichan Valley.

It feels good.

A client recently went to Toronto to a well established clinic with 4 therapists, and came home with a new appreciation of this space. Me too!


We have harvested beautiful peas.

And U-picked over 20 lbs of the best raspberries!!

We continue to harvest our kale, making fantastic salads, sandwiches, and kale chips.

We soak and dehydrate nuts to take with us on our trip. YUMM!

IMG_5537 IMG_5519

Our house is truly a mess.


Stuff every which place. Well and truly a mess.

But I feel healthy, and like I am able to experience the bounty of this season.

In a way that I would not be able to if I paid attention to the stuff that piles up in my life.

Stuff. The story of stuff.

When the rain hits… I’ll get to that…


Until then… bring on the good eats and being able to share this season with wonderful new friends.

Kurt and I reflected today… we’re kind of crazy… and I guess we like it that way!

“I tried to be normal once. It was the worst 2 minutes of my life.”


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