Mixing this and that


So our family has tons of fun in the great outdoors. We love spending time with family and friends, and hardly ever turn down a chance to do so.

In our “down time” we are usually out and about… and lately since the kids are a *bit* bigger, we act on our whims once in a while.

We have a LOT of whims building up after 8 years of child rearing.

This month one of our whims involved an evening swim in Shawnigan Lake, after a great dinner party. Even though its was past the kids bedtime.

IMG_5933 IMG_5936


Another of our whims was the day we stayed late into the evening at our favorite family daycare, LaRonde family care. It was well past dinner time when we left (and no dinner planned!). We just had to soak up all the love and loving community that chose to spend a few hours together after LaRonde closed its doors for keeps.

Our family time and our whims rarely involve: housework or home improvement.

I know this is awesome – enjoying the kids, and their faces, instead of walls, floors, tables, and sinks.

But after 8 years of parenting I must admit our house is suffering. Capital S perhaps? Suffering. Ask me one day, I’d love to tell you all about all the things we put on hold, ignore, and choose not to attend to.

It is fairly embarrassing.

And starting to take its toll, as preparing for the simplest events can cause a cascade of objects to tumble. Really, its a bit like Jenga in our house.


Perhaps it doesn’t look that bad from the outside… but its staring to cramp us from the inside.

So, today, our whims took us to new places.

To places unseen.

Like – ALL other needs of anyone aside – today it was happening! 3 hours of tidying and vacuuming and moving furniture off the carpet, 3 hours of carpet cleaning, and 3 hours of painting.

And I still got to pick blackberries with my mom and hang out with her and the kids by the ocean for a couple hours.

Plus we got rid of one of the paint colors we have found, for 2 years here, most draining.

IMG_6076    IMG_6081  IMG_6080


Illness and cancelled camping trips brought new blessings.

And a totally unseen level of chaos. Which we persisted through to achieve better air quality. And brilliant color.

And lo and behold all the little people survived the change!

With some disappointment of course. Not being able to do all of what they each wanted.

With a lot of struggle.  Well, yes, Struggle. We did our fair share of struggling.

But we made it. And we all grew a bit today from our own individual experience of the collective hard work.

Can we learn to sacrifice our individual goals for collective ones?

5 people. It gets messy.

(p.s. we ate a lot of pasta, bread, and cookies too!)




Happy Baptism Birthday



While we were away in Tofino we got an awesome message from Stefan’s Godparents and family… July 7th was his 2nd baptism birthday. We are so grateful to have you in our lives, Nicole, Jay, JP, Megan and Emma!

I’m sure Stefan would have loved to share his excitement at seeing Long Beach again… the place we all camped together after he was baptized!

IMG_5577 IMG_5571


He’s also riding a 2 wheeler now! What a great place to ride it was!!

IMG_5868 IMG_5879


Anyhow, lots of love to the Young family tonight for thinking of our little boy on his special day. He loved listening to the voicemail just for him!! And I’m sure he’ll be watching the mailbox like a hawk in the coming weeks.

So grateful.

It really does take a village!

IMG_5581 IMG_5547




Livin’ Crazy


It has been a fantastically full and luscious 2nd week of summer.

With our annual family camping trip to Green Point (Tofino) fast approaching in 2 sleeps, I feel like I “should” be packing up by now.

Instead I have learned to stop “should-ing” myself as a dear friend JJ has so gracefully taught me.

We had opportunity to have a beach day complete with kayaking at Lake Cowichan with friends.


We spent 3 hours cleaning, mopping, scraping the floor of gunk, mopping some more, and then… when it all dried… playing!!

I am officially on my own. Sole practice, pediatric OT in a one-of-a-kind therapy gym in the Cowichan Valley.

It feels good.

A client recently went to Toronto to a well established clinic with 4 therapists, and came home with a new appreciation of this space. Me too!


We have harvested beautiful peas.

And U-picked over 20 lbs of the best raspberries!!

We continue to harvest our kale, making fantastic salads, sandwiches, and kale chips.

We soak and dehydrate nuts to take with us on our trip. YUMM!

IMG_5537 IMG_5519

Our house is truly a mess.


Stuff every which place. Well and truly a mess.

But I feel healthy, and like I am able to experience the bounty of this season.

In a way that I would not be able to if I paid attention to the stuff that piles up in my life.

Stuff. The story of stuff.

When the rain hits… I’ll get to that…


Until then… bring on the good eats and being able to share this season with wonderful new friends.

Kurt and I reflected today… we’re kind of crazy… and I guess we like it that way!

“I tried to be normal once. It was the worst 2 minutes of my life.”