Climb a mountain!

Inspired by a new friend, M. and her two girls, our family hiked Mt. Tzouhalem yesterday to see the wildflowers, have a picnic, and take a few bold steps in the great outdoors.

IMG_4897 IMG_4889

I think we have found our “Kal Park” of the Island. What magnificent, vast trails and a “transcendent” view as one fellow hiker shared.

We brought along rice cakes which we loaded with avocado and peanut butter, and then we got to share in our friends’ snacks of dried cranberries, ginger cookies, and cheesy bunnies. What a treat!

IMG_4913 IMG_4907

This little girl, R., was a great friend of little J’s last Fall. Then she had to move back to AB and we thought she was not going to return.

She even sent J. some photos while J. suffered with the chicken pox in January!

What a great new family to connect with… and, the best part, they’ve invited us to hike the same again next week! Next time their Daddy J. will be in town. Yah!



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