Let it Snow

IMG_4615 IMG_4614

Ah, its Spring here, with us being blessed with gifts of strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb for our garden, all “weeded out” by a friend this year. The warmth is serving us well.

And yet, we were blessed with a little taste of winter last week, at Kurt’s family cabin – Knouff Lake.

Fresh, outdoors, wood fire, forest, silence, open water, and even a teeny tiny (10 second!) ski hill. Bliss!

IMG_4705 IMG_4783

Balance. Smiles. Crashes. Every run different. Endless.

I even took a few runs on our (partly man made) ski hill!

IMG_4769 IMG_4741

And the last morning, I was THRILLED to find enough inches covering the ground to get a 1/2 hour ski in before anyone woke up.

Up and down the driveway. Three times.

I had prayed for 1 last ski. My morning (over tired) heart was singing.

IMG_4802 IMG_4724

Our 5 year old has lost 3 teeth. What a girl!

IMG_4760 IMG_4772

My husband has some silly ideas… and, has learned to knit!

Thanks for another great stay at Knouff. We are grateful.



IMG_4662 IMG_4679


IMG_4682 IMG_4681




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