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I’ve finished 7 months in my new work space…

I often spent 10 hour days there (with a midday break to see my own kids afterschool).

My plate is full. Meaning if I look at the targets I set for myself, that my family relies upon, my “work weeks” are full until May 2nd.

Some over full… 2-5 clients/week over my targets.

IMG_4645 IMG_4653


My own kids love the space.

Most kids I meet don’t want to leave. They love coming back.

I love bringing joy to families.

I’m also tired!

And the calls keep coming in…

I’ve always been able to accommodate everyone who calls.

Now I must find a “no” in me… and start a waitlist? What a crazy concept.

Well that’s my wee update as we head into Spring.

Loving spring break with my family.

Loving colorful meals.




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