Distracted by little cuties

IMG_4612 IMG_4609

Well, here we are, 9pm and starting to pack up for a road trip…

We tried to pack earlier, we really did (and the kids got their suitcases done!), but then we got distracted by some little cuties.

Well, and by making sourdough bread (5 loaves) at 10pm last night.

And by taking the kids to their last swim lesson (5 in a row this week! yah!). Here’s Stefan in one of his first back floats:

IMG_4629  IMG_4626

Beside him is the treasured teddy Daria has had since she was a baby – the only stuffie she’s ever cuddled (and can’t sleep without!).

She decided to give him a bath today. I think, like the Velveteen Rabbit, he has been loved so much he has come alive.

I hope our kids feel as warn out as this teddy from all the cuddles and love shared today.

Nothing stops, the same rhythm each day. Little differences. Lots the same.

Music. Winding yarn. Tent play in the carport. Laundry.

Happiness of a toy car found at the beach volley ball court. Then later tears cuz as it was all too quickly lost.

Funny conversations like… what should the function of a belly button be? More laundry.

Funny home videos made of all the clutter that is about (I can’t wait to look back in 20 yrs and gut myself about this all over again!).

Learning to eat edamame out of the pod (and not chew the pod, sorry Stefan!).

All this (and a great deal more!). And, yes, more laundry.

As I struggled to find a laundry basket (seriously!) amidst all the clutter…

I felt, this is it. This is life. This is our day. And our days.

Our little seedlings. On this first day of Spring. I love you, all three. Thanks for the fullest, best family day ever.

IMG_4615 IMG_4614


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