While Mom is away…

For 7 of the last 13 sleeps I have missed out on kissing sweet sleepy heads, reading Laura Ingalls Wilder cozy in our bunks, and haven’t woke up with a pile of children in my bed: IMG_4551 I’ve been away from my family more in the last 2 weeks than I have in almost 8 years! As little J’s teacher so wisely advised me: if you haven’t done this before you’ll feel yourself STRETCH across the miles… Indeed. It is hard to put into words just how it feels to leave these 3 beauties… what really made it possible to be out there learning, learning, learning, was hearing how well they were doing!! IMG_4532 IMG_4542 I am grateful they were able to “hold on” to me, even when we were physically apart… through the invisible string of love that connects us all everywhere and anywhere… And I am so grateful for all the family that visited!! Amazing timing.     IMG_4506 IMG_4517 IMG_4519  IMG_4576 It will take a while for me to feel like I’ve landed again. Traveling sure is exhausting! I’m a funny traveler now too… brought little comforts of home like favorite stuffed animals, my favorite blanket, and even my yoga bolster to snuggle up with at night. I had a great experience. Met awesome people. Was well taken care of. Enjoyed standing to watch the kettle boil. And, I am incredibly grateful to be back in the land of family, where waffles and raspberries are served for breakfast, my amazing husband and I can stare up at the stars before going off to sleep, and dozens of hugs and kisses are on my menu every day!!


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