Something New

I do love that when our plans fall through, something new, and completely different can enter. There is space!

IMG_4260   IMG_4262


This week, no ski trip to Mt. Washington has already meant we have been recipients of a great dog-sitting adventure, a fabulous dinner at my folks’ (they’ve now been living here a year – wow!), a thought provoking sermon, and some wonderfully awesome sunshine (which we enjoyed at the Estuary).

IMG_4287  IMG_4340

I think I did need some “down time” in my week to drink in my three with fresh eyes.

Life is so full. And busy. And don’t our eyes habituate to what we see most often? These three are amazing.

I love watching little d grow and grow and grow and… when I asked her what she wanted to do on her “reading break” you’ll never guess her answer.

IMG_4294   IMG_4345

“I want to take my brother and sister to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the WHOLE day, so that you and Daddy can spend time together”.

This girl came to our life with boundless nurturing energy, a great deal of wisdom, and overflowing love.

Playful. Centered. Open. Care free.

IMG_4338 IMG_4285


My little d. I’ve spent most days of your almost 8 years with you, and I am still surprised by your depth of being.

And your hunger for life. Your ability to giggle to the moon and back!




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