Snow Seekers Stumble


Yesterday we were happily trimming our trees… getting into the yard and garden early this year.

Today we are crying in our coffees as we learn Mt. Washington is closing. Warmer temperatures = no snow = no ski trip next week.

With only 4 days off we have no time to travel further afield to seek the fluffy stuff.

IMG_4183 IMG_4178

The kids take the news in stride… they are in the moment happily knitting away and going out to play in their new emerging playhouse.

Small shed roof leak = no longer suitable for storage = perfect playhouse!

Now what?

I got this comment on my FB page the other day: “no complaining about no snow… u have an amazing back yard now” (meaning the ocean!)

True. But snow is in our bones.

Skiing was our every weekend.

Fresh air all day. Gliding. Laughing. Tumbling. Playing.

As we strive to redefine family life on the Coast, finding another outdoor pursuit for our family has been our biggest challenge.

Sure there’s biking. There’s hiking. Unfortunately little d has a form of “asthma” and sucks wind in these pursuits. The cold seems to be key for this.

We had been told Mt Washington was “amazing” and had hoped for a trip up there last Christmas. This reading break. But alas, closed, closed, closed.

We see the pattern… and must move on.

Perhaps little d’s kayak birthday wish will come true after all. Hmmmmm.

Well, out to garden in the rain. What else? Time to turn these spindly branches into some garden fencing… weaving a new path. Twisting, turning. Weaving.



One thought on “Snow Seekers Stumble

  1. Ohhh! I can understand your lament.. I took Owen and Sarah up to Sovereign for a cross country lesson.. And didn’t it rain! Kids didn’t mind but it sure cut the ski short. It was the lantern ski too.. I’ll push for another session.. And think of you

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