Pox Recovery!

IMG_4077 IMG_4093

After over a week of the itchies,and more baths (at all hours!) than I could imagine… the pox is gone! And there are sparkles back in the eyes!~

Wahoo! I have to say this was a less involved illness than many our family has battled. If I could eradicate illnesses with breathing side effects with a vaccine, I’d go for that over getting rid of the POXERS.

I truly believe there is something strengthening about this illness. It feels everyone has grown a few inches, at least in spirit. A feeling “I’ve survived it!”. Confidence. Courage. Grace.

And with that, we got to meet the newest member of our family today… Chu’spa!

IMG_4139 IMG_4154

She is a good family friends’ dog who we’ll be looking after for 6 months. A Malamute-German Shepherd cross… 9 years old… we look forward to getting to know life with a canine very intimately!

We felt even more blessed to get to hang out with Chu’spa’s forever owners… in a time of our life where we are transitioning through the early days of my return to a 30+ hour work week (often done in the hours of 8pm to midnight), it was a joy and treasure to meet up in the great outdoors with some wonderful friends.

IMG_4147 IMG_4142

These folks knew us before kids were on scene… actually us mommas met before my hubby was even on scene! Pretty awesome. They are creative, energetic, dynamic, and oh so loving.

What of food? Well, I am more of a honey-lemon-or-tea expert these days, than a cook! Not much appetites here the past week. Today’s picnic was a yogurt-granola and trail mix spread with a batch of these cookies.

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