Flexibility with Food

IMG_4047 This weekend we had the lively, lovely, smiley Ellazora stay with us for 4 sleepovers. She has been babysitting for us one day per week, afterschool, for months, and our children LOVE her.

I feel she could not have slid into our family life and routines any easier… she truly is a delight to have around.

A great board game player (who knows when to quit!), an engaging reader (a book she brought was sure a hit!), amused by little puppet shows, able to tell and laugh at silly jokes, naturally follows their lead and hey… did I mention she spent a good chunk of time crafting a paper “phone” complete with its own “wallet” for my son who had big tears over wanting his play phone. “we can just do this…” she says as she gathers paper, duct tape, scissors…

Oh, AND she makes her bed, goes to sleep, and gets all ready for school peacefully and silently. Amazing! IMG_4059

I could go on… but I will share just 1 thing I so loved about Ellazora this weekend = her easy way with food.

She ate ABSOLUTELY everything that was put in front of her – gratefully, eagerly, and often with excitement! Eggs on toast, sushi, soup, oatmeal, all dressed pizza (yam, onion, chickpeas, greens,…), waffles with fruit, home fries, rice…

She asked for what she needed, but mostly she just went with our flow.

Before she came I asked her and also her mom about any food preferences… they both had nothing to report… how true!

What’s the best part of all this? She says at home she and her mom follow quite an intensive “GAPS” diet.

But, she says happily, “when I’m with friends I just eat whatever they do”.


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