Sushi Sundays

IMG_3753  IMG_3756

Well, sushi Sunday has been added to the list of regular meals, along with Pizza Pie Day Saturday! All our kids luv sushi, and Kurt has loved making it! Bonus = little d will take the leftovers for her Monday lunch. That meal is IN!

As I ponder the “winter” on the Coast, I am amazed how well we are taken care of.

Take this week’s example – I had 6 kids booked Thurs, 6 booked on Friday, and only 4 booked for Saturday. We had hoped to have a party for Kurt Saturday night (so I didn’t book my last Sat client so I’d be off at 3 instead of 4:30)… but then:

IMG_4046 IMG_4043

Yup, the chicken pox. You can see the coloring pages given with love from Grandma down the lane. Beautiful.

And then…

3 clients cancelled Friday. 1 client cancelled Saturday.

I love overbooked days, that allow freedom for people to cancel when need be… and often when I need it too! I got to have a relaxing waffle breakfast and go for a nice walk around the block with my sweet sickie.

Instead of snow forts, we played with boats floating down the ditches and watched the water fall out of drain spouts. No snow here!




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