One happy boy

Here we are reading books on the eve before his first day of preschool:


And, then, ready for his day! He’s been looking forward to this day all week. He’s off to join the “train” of kids (he is with yellow slicker complete with hood and red mitts). No looking back to momma for this boy…

IMG_3795 IMG_3798

Well I can’t share much tonight as its 11:23pm, my usual wind up time these days… but it did bring a tear to my eye to watch my baby go off happily with his new teachers.

IMG_3801 IMG_3803

I pray this incredible space brings you light and love.

And I will always, always, always look forward to that smiling face RUNNING to my arms, and our afternoon ride home and lunch.

p.s. It wasn’t a food day. I was so blessed to receive some soup from a lovely neighbor which was GREAT timing for this working momma!


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