2nd Annual


Here is the arrival of the first guests, our previous backyard neighbors, at our 2nd annual gingerbread house making parteeee! You can see the 1st annual here.

This year, we started at 3pm and added a savory potluck so everyone could stay through the dinner hour! Here’s lonely ol’ me sampling Alison’s awesome salad


The enthusiasm with which our whole family prepared for this event was so heart warming. We realized, usually on Sunday we start with church and then we each have various projects on our mind… but this week we got to throw all of our hearts towards a collective project. And one that we were each so dedicated to!


The Hamill family, our previous child care providers and now great family friends.


Gabriel and Odran (Ruth and baby Iona not shown) who we met at Stefan’s parent and child class last year – Odran and Stefan ran and ran and ran around, making both of our families smile wide. Ruth had organized an AMAZIN women’s circle that I attended last summer solstice.


Medina (bottom left), Onyx (top of head), Bowen (yellow toque) and their cousin Maia (standing next to Bowen) – all of the lovely children of Alison and Federico, who in Jan will be embarking on a 5-7 month stint (maybe longer!) to Bali. WOW!

We feel filled with your presence in our home this morning.

We feel grateful for the time shared together. We had so much fun.

We feel fantastic about pulling off a 2nd ANNUAL event in our 2nd year here! YAHOO!


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