Over joyed

I must say I am blessed. This week the hugest compliment Daria’s teacher could give – she was so impressed with how Daria rallied behind a project to make the Gr. 8 “buddies” a wreath as a gift. Her teacher who has known her 3 months was taken aback at all Daria’s energy for this project, all the enthusiasm, because it was a GIFT.

All heart this girl.



And this one.

There they both are, after going to a “home learners” craft sale, all the gifts made and sold by kids (lots their age!) – they each got $10 and set off to buy gifts for their siblings, grandparents, Dad… now they are busily wrapping them with love.


Over joyed.

I am also rejoicing at the end of my first year as an entrepreneur that I have 11 regular clients, one contract with the Child and Youth Mental Health in town, 2 contracts with different Autism Service programs, 1 contract with an independent school, and now setting up to meet Jaime from this program.

I am starting to reach the point of saturation for the hours I had hoped to work, which was only 3 days per week. What a blessing to our family.

I am also looking forward to the hope in this birthday present from my beautiful husband… I’ll keep ya posted! ha ha.

Fun to be light with life. And have light in life.

IMG_3182 IMG_3181

(note the new engineered hardwood floor, the installation was my birthday gift! just $2/sq ft. used of course!). Also note the lotto tickets in the branches 😉


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