Advent Beginnings…

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We started off the 2nd day of Advent right with a huge delivery of our fresh RANCHO goodies! These nuts, seeds, and dried fruit have been a part of our life for many years now. The company is based in Vernon so it feels like a taste of home.

We also got dusted with SNOW! Now coming from a place that is blanketed in white for 3 months of the year, having 3 days of sub zero temperatures (keeping the dusting of white stuff we got 3 days ago!!) might seem like a drop in the bucket.

The past three days I have learned many things…

IMG_3134 IMG_3133

How much it feeds my soul to hear the crunch under my boots and see the hillsides dusted in white!


How its not so important how MUCH of something one receives, but how one enjoys it… And I have been soaking it in!! The look of the white from my living room window as I do my stretching, the cool crisp air on my face, the peaceful and BRIGHT look of everything around me. It is sooooo incredibly nourishing to my soul.

I know many people here believe the snow belongs elsewhere… up on the mountains, or in another part of our province… but I LOVE a yard and streetfull of snow like nothing else. Visiting a mountain is nice… but doesn’t really compare!

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There is always lots in life to be disappointed about, like how the “Santa suit” you wore as a babe doesn’t fit any more (this one brings great sadness to our mid-stroke!). Does anyone have a 5 yr old size Santa Suit?!?

But some things, like “growing up” and our climate, we have no control over… so, I must learn to appreciate the piece of “real winter” I get each year here!! Glory for these 3 days!!

You can take the girl out of Montreal and the Interior, but you can never take the love of that crisp, cold climate out of the girl.

(just realized I have spent 9+10=19 years in snowy lands and 17+1.5 = 18.5 years on the Coast!)


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