Eat Artichoke!


Came across this great photo of my mid-stroke Janelle. And had to share.

She is absolutely in LOVE with fruit and veggies. As you can see.

I’ve been aghast at the number of “sugar carrots” or brussel sprouts this girl can put back. Its incredible.

Good growing juice, she’s sprouted an inch in 2 months.

She sticks close. Always up for cuddles and getting cumfy. She knows clearly who and what she wishes to align herself with.

She is reserved. Not one to draw attention to herself. Full of contentment. Holds close those she holds dear.

IMG_2790  IMG_2848

Have you eaten an artichoke? Its pokey, messy, and hard to get the heart out from… but its all worth it! And Janelle works hard, like none other, to get at the goodness.




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