Hitting the Trails


Stefan and I enjoy our Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday mornings together still. I feel very fortunate as a mom of 3 to have these 15 hours a week with my youngest child. Very fortunate.
Each day is a gift. Mondays we usually we do a lot of yard play, neighborhood walks/rides, vacuuming, cooking, baking, and otherwise getting ready for the rest of the week.

IMG_2963 IMG_2948

Today we decided to hit the Trans Canada Trail. One thing Kurt and I have both realized since moving here 1.5 years ago, is we do not get outside as much as we used to in the Interior. We are not sure why, but lack of familiarity with the terrain and the access points probably contributes. As does a lack of families keen on going or leading us on venturing out.

The fork in the path above hit me hard somehow. As I approached I wondered which way to go, no signage, each path clearly leading to a different place. How to decide?


The little guy clearly chose for me. “Let’s go this way, Mom”. No looking back. No wondering. No feeling like the other path was left undone, undiscovered… just choose a path and go with it.

A lesson I have a hard time learning! So clear to my 3 year old. Beautiful. He also taught me to straddle the puddles. And he clearly had no hesitation about the weather. In his mind it was a gorgeous day. He is right!

IMG_2955 IMG_2954


One thought on “Hitting the Trails

  1. Love it Diana!
    What lovely pics of you and your youngest and the natural inclination of a 3 year old. What balance you have..

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