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As I prepare to zoom off tomorrow to be with my sister celebrating her 40th birthday, I cam across these photos of the sisterhood in our family.


I recognize I would have been the little one… I can often relate to little J on that level, through our day to day storms and cuddles.

Thoughts abound regarding this special sisterhood relationship… I know in our family when they were young they were like 2 peas in a pod. Now they often seem like the yin and yang – balancing one another out, challenging one another, diverging from one another and yet coming back, always coming back.

Sisterhood. Something special growing up alongside another girl. I love our book Sisters by David McPhail “There once was 2 sisters, they were alike in many ways and also different…”.

Well I can’t remember exactly how the book ends, but its something about loving one another. You’ll have to pick up a copy yourself to feel the whimsical pictures and simple message. Its a good one. I’ll be thinking of it as I dance a song or a few with my sister this weekend.


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