Family Day

IMG_2692 IMG_2684

Sunday is our family day. With me working every Saturday and the every 2nd Friday that is Kurt’s flex day off work, it has left just Sunday for us to be all together. One day of seven… how to spend it? It can be a whirlwind of laundry, meal making, schedule sorting and general reorganization before hitting the next week.

Today was All Saints Day, and little d insisted on heading to church to be a part of the play the group was practicing last week. Kurt and I both wanted to get the garlic in the ground (we are getting LATE!) and also can applesauce with my folks. Can you believe they used to make 75 jars of this stuff?!? I had no idea the work that went into each childhood bite… they did it all as we SLEPT.


Well today all children were determined to help out – and it really was a team effort! Food production as it should be. On family day. With sharing of tested and true tips and tricks, with 4 and more sets of hands working at once.

And, when there were not enough indoor “jobs” to do, out to tend the garlic patch! Add compost, add leaves… soil enriched and ready!

IMG_2696 IMG_2698

Family day… we set it aside from other days. Somehow we rarely choose to be idle. I think getting into good (often messy!) work is in my blood!



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