Eat Artichoke!


Came across this great photo of my mid-stroke Janelle. And had to share.

She is absolutely in LOVE with fruit and veggies. As you can see.

I’ve been aghast at the number of “sugar carrots” or brussel sprouts this girl can put back. Its incredible.

Good growing juice, she’s sprouted an inch in 2 months.

She sticks close. Always up for cuddles and getting cumfy. She knows clearly who and what she wishes to align herself with.

She is reserved. Not one to draw attention to herself. Full of contentment. Holds close those she holds dear.

IMG_2790  IMG_2848

Have you eaten an artichoke? Its pokey, messy, and hard to get the heart out from… but its all worth it! And Janelle works hard, like none other, to get at the goodness.




Holidays Holidays

Yes, we are into 2015 already in our holiday minds… how to use 4 precious weeks of Kurt’s “holiday time”?? Discussion in our living room is not as salient as looking back at our family in action…


Tofino in April


Vernon in February


Knouff in August

What I have come to realize is our family’s got some stellar wheels. We can sure go places, and love to adventure. One thing we discussed at this time last year was spending all summer in our yard gardening!! No trips, just digging in dirt. And then we went camping for 21 nights! Ha!

Perhaps we need these expensive ferries to keep us on our own home turf now and then… our friends, waves and snowflakes tug on our hearts too strongly to resist!

Perhaps it doesn’t matter so much where we go?

The old cliche “its always better when we’re together” rings true. Can’t wait for more holiday time in 2015!


Hitting the Trails


Stefan and I enjoy our Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday mornings together still. I feel very fortunate as a mom of 3 to have these 15 hours a week with my youngest child. Very fortunate.
Each day is a gift. Mondays we usually we do a lot of yard play, neighborhood walks/rides, vacuuming, cooking, baking, and otherwise getting ready for the rest of the week.

IMG_2963 IMG_2948

Today we decided to hit the Trans Canada Trail. One thing Kurt and I have both realized since moving here 1.5 years ago, is we do not get outside as much as we used to in the Interior. We are not sure why, but lack of familiarity with the terrain and the access points probably contributes. As does a lack of families keen on going or leading us on venturing out.

The fork in the path above hit me hard somehow. As I approached I wondered which way to go, no signage, each path clearly leading to a different place. How to decide?


The little guy clearly chose for me. “Let’s go this way, Mom”. No looking back. No wondering. No feeling like the other path was left undone, undiscovered… just choose a path and go with it.

A lesson I have a hard time learning! So clear to my 3 year old. Beautiful. He also taught me to straddle the puddles. And he clearly had no hesitation about the weather. In his mind it was a gorgeous day. He is right!

IMG_2955 IMG_2954



IMG_7828[1]  IMG_2293

As I prepare to zoom off tomorrow to be with my sister celebrating her 40th birthday, I cam across these photos of the sisterhood in our family.


I recognize I would have been the little one… I can often relate to little J on that level, through our day to day storms and cuddles.

Thoughts abound regarding this special sisterhood relationship… I know in our family when they were young they were like 2 peas in a pod. Now they often seem like the yin and yang – balancing one another out, challenging one another, diverging from one another and yet coming back, always coming back.

Sisterhood. Something special growing up alongside another girl. I love our book Sisters by David McPhail “There once was 2 sisters, they were alike in many ways and also different…”.

Well I can’t remember exactly how the book ends, but its something about loving one another. You’ll have to pick up a copy yourself to feel the whimsical pictures and simple message. Its a good one. I’ll be thinking of it as I dance a song or a few with my sister this weekend.


Family Day

IMG_2692 IMG_2684

Sunday is our family day. With me working every Saturday and the every 2nd Friday that is Kurt’s flex day off work, it has left just Sunday for us to be all together. One day of seven… how to spend it? It can be a whirlwind of laundry, meal making, schedule sorting and general reorganization before hitting the next week.

Today was All Saints Day, and little d insisted on heading to church to be a part of the play the group was practicing last week. Kurt and I both wanted to get the garlic in the ground (we are getting LATE!) and also can applesauce with my folks. Can you believe they used to make 75 jars of this stuff?!? I had no idea the work that went into each childhood bite… they did it all as we SLEPT.


Well today all children were determined to help out – and it really was a team effort! Food production as it should be. On family day. With sharing of tested and true tips and tricks, with 4 and more sets of hands working at once.

And, when there were not enough indoor “jobs” to do, out to tend the garlic patch! Add compost, add leaves… soil enriched and ready!

IMG_2696 IMG_2698

Family day… we set it aside from other days. Somehow we rarely choose to be idle. I think getting into good (often messy!) work is in my blood!