Fall Fun

As the darkness envelopes us, we have been having a great deal of Fall Fun. Making “hot chocolate” in our mud pit (soon to be sandbox!), getting into love of Lego, singing lantern songs and going on an indoor lantern walk as the rain POURS down outside,…

IMG_2634 IMG_2642

Making and munching autumn sugar cookies,…

IMG_2647 IMG_2649 IMG_2655 IMG_2657

And of course carving up with love some fantastic pumpkins… from left to right “the cool one” (coined by littled, carved by big D), Mr. Reversible (little d’s with the 2nd photo showing the face on the other side!), Grover (little s and K’s) and the Snarly guy (little J).

IMG_2660  IMG_2665

Awesome artistry. I am sure there must be a book written about how the pumpkin you carve reflects your essence in some way… all look so great, all so different…


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