Fall Fun

As the darkness envelopes us, we have been having a great deal of Fall Fun. Making “hot chocolate” in our mud pit (soon to be sandbox!), getting into love of Lego, singing lantern songs and going on an indoor lantern walk as the rain POURS down outside,…

IMG_2634 IMG_2642

Making and munching autumn sugar cookies,…

IMG_2647 IMG_2649 IMG_2655 IMG_2657

And of course carving up with love some fantastic pumpkins… from left to right “the cool one” (coined by littled, carved by big D), Mr. Reversible (little d’s with the 2nd photo showing the face on the other side!), Grover (little s and K’s) and the Snarly guy (little J).

IMG_2660  IMG_2665

Awesome artistry. I am sure there must be a book written about how the pumpkin you carve reflects your essence in some way… all look so great, all so different…


The Giant Pumpkin

IMG_2534 IMG_2540

It was time to harvest our giant pumpkin this week. The girth of this one far out did any we picked up at the market! We pulled on it like a giant turnip, until it rolled over.

This was grown from seed from awesome friends the Canns last year. WOW! These were the most giant seeds I had ever seen.

As I reflect on my year and a half on the Island, I still feel very much as if I am growing from seeds sown by our family in our early years in the Okanagan. While everything here is more familiar and I don’t get lost anymore driving around, we are still new in our relationships, in our community of folks and in laying down some roots.

IMG_2543 IMG_2551

It all takes time. But, boy, did it feel good to harvest this giant gourd! Exhilarating for everyone.

Its all the simple things – helping out other families with school pick ups, dog walks, receiving a jar of home preserved pickles or peanut sauce, the encouragement from new friends, and hearing more than a “doin’ good” about their life… All the simple things I am so grateful for in my 2nd harvest season here.

And our health. And fresh morning walks peeking at the ocean.

And the invitation received to a first annual pumpkin carving party tomorrow! Despite our leaky roof it WILL indeed be a happy Sunday Funday.

IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Thanks for all the seeds you’ve helped us sow, Canns. I am grateful. And we all love you!


4 years ago…

IMG_2462 IMG_2465

We have another set of birthdays we celebrate each year in our house, our kids’ baptism birthdays! Today was Janelle’s, and as you can see she was a radiant beam of light as we lit her baptism candle again for our family dinner.


Daddy brought home a special treat and a token gift to commemorate this amazing day. Four years ago, we all marveled at what a wonder you are, and a church filled with people agreed to help raise you!!

We have moved communities now, but are grateful for our community at St. Peter’s and the extra special light that shines in you, Janelle.


May you always let it shine, let it shine, let it shine… and know I love you always and forever.


Growing son…

IMG_2393 IMG_2395

Had the luxury to hang out in the fog with my growing sun this morning at Mill Bay Nature Park.

A biking “adventure” down the trails, followed by some muddy trax through the low tide zone, and checking out sea life in an old abandoned tractor tire that stayed filled with water.

All complete with a barnacle-cut hand and a slow, injured saunter back up to the van-o to head home.

IMG_2397 IMG_2402

Look Mom, I’m TWO!

I love you little boy! Thanks for all the smiles and love this morning. You are a little treasure.

My soul is full from Mother Nature’s amazing elements… fresh air. Love. Cuddles.

IMG_2415 IMG_2419

Couldn’t resist doing a little photoshoot with our 1:1 time!