IMG_2279 IMG_2285

I won’t take long to share tonight as I am so incredibly stretched out from tip to tail and core to skin, from the most incredible yoga teacher I’ve found since moving to the Cowichan Valley… or maybe since ever.

I must share that this year I feel so embracing of Fall. Welcome!

I feel no need to hang onto the energy and warmth of summer (though I may eat my words when the rains hit full force…).

I am so happy to enjoy things like the cool forest canopy. Dark evenings. Candlelight. Warm soups. Slippers. Blankets. Turning the soil to prepare our garlic beds.

Pumpkin Pie. Warm baths. Especially filled with the silliest wind up toys ever!

IMG_2270 IMG_2274

I saw these guys and bought them just for fun. Just for the giggles they’d bring…

Life is good. Really. We MUST embrace each breath. What I love most about this yoga teacher is her connection to our large intestine, our diaphragm, our spleen, and breath… and appreciation for the gift of our body.

IMG_2291  IMG_2275

I feel due to have a year of “just for fun” moments… stay tuned! Perhaps it all starts with a wind up toy.

Feelin’ wound up of summer and ready to roll into Autumn.


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