A big day!

IMG_2000 IMG_2004

Its a big day for our family. Janelle’s first full day of Kindergarten… She is now on the BMX and it feels so good to watch her pump up those hills – one determined little girl.

It always amazes me that each child seems to choose a card for their cubby that suits them best… here is Janelle’s (under the pink shoes) – a girl riding a horse – Janelle is fast, hangs on tight in this ride called life, and has an uncanny ability to focus and stay on the horse, despite any challenges that might come her way.


She also gets tuckered out at the end of the day like a girl whose been on a horse all day would… and curls into bed, getting cozy in her blankets like none other. She knows her body and appreciates lying down when exhausted!

Daria also had her rose ceremony today… when we thought of coming to Sunrise this ceremony was one that touched our hearts. Thinking of a school-wide assembly where Gr. 8 children pass a rose to Gr. 1 buddies, to welcome them to the Grades School. These buddies will hang out at different times all year long. Here is Daria’s buddy:

IMG_2017  IMG_2019

The teachers on the left are Ms. Markovich (Daria’s teacher) and Ms. Price (on right) – the Gr. 1 and Gr. 8 teachers… you can find out more about them here.

Feel so fortunate today to be self-employed… while it was my “work day” I was still able to set 1/2 hour aside and attend this special rose ceremony… what a gift. Grateful. Honored.

Soooooo happy to watch my girls grow into solid, strong, unique individuals.


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