It is great to be in my late 30’s and continue to feel myself growing… this week I was given a quote something to the effect of letting go of anger, and approaching everything and everyone with love and joy.

What a great challenge! Earlier this week (before I read the quote) I wrestled with my sourdough starter and whipped up 12 loaves of bread. I have never done this quantity before… my husband said “this is how bakeries are born”.

There is something about how sourdough GROWS and GROWS and takes over my kitchen, that I just needed to see and feel… it is sooooo STRETCHY. Can I stretch myself this much, to enact my new found quote?

IMG_1870 IMG_1880 I shared loaves and parts of loaves with my paddlers, past daycare family, new friend in town, new parent group at school… Sharing the growth. The warm satisfaction of fresh bread shared.

IMG_1883 IMG_1882

So many things are still growing this time of year… like the giant pumpkin taking over my garden! The seed for this plant was dug out of a GIANT pumpkin in Kelowna last year… by my kids and their awesome friends JC, OC and CC. Just look at it go! Growth. Fresh growth.

IMG_1872 IMG_1873

Just keep on, keeping on… growing, learning, sharing…


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