Photoless shift…

I have been MIA for a while, largely as when I upload photos to my blog I get an “error” message… looks like I have run out of free space!

I find it hard to blog with no photos…

I have also been MIA due to many, many nights away from home. I am relishing being back in my “hood” – although saddened at the loss of a couple of my favorite neighbors the last 16 months… both are moving to new homes in the same area, but will no longer be a simple stone’s throw away. Boo!

A shift is happening. I feel summer is such an out breath – I expend so much energy, get lots of vitamin “G” (green) outside, and generally play and adventure, often away from our home base…

Soon the seasons will turn to the in breath again, a focus on home and preserving, creating a beautiful home out of our house (this is my favorite line at bedtime right now – in the midst of provoking and sometimes endless requests I wander around saying: “Mommy is busy making our house into a beautiful home”).

I have had a great summer. I am looking forward to this approaching shift and still enjoying the warm breezes and cloudless skies.


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