Garlic Harvest!

IMG_1341 IMG_1343

Time to pull out the garlic! Seems amazing to harvest something that has been in ground since last Fall.

Makes me consider what other things could be pulled out?

Out with the old… and in a few months, in with the new! Plant some new cloves that will grow into beautiful bulbs.

We are in a season of pulling out the old stuff in our relationship… adding in some new… like Scrabble nights! There’s nothing like Scrabbling while having a discussion… it calms me, helps my mind focus, keeps my fingers busy, and allows time for reflection before talking again…

“Shutting down discussion is self-defeating and impedes progress. We need to talk and listen and debate and refute and instruct and learn and evolve”. Great quote from Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”… currently on my bookshelf. Hear here at this TED talk. While I don’t agree with everything she writes… it is food for thought for this working momma. At one point she says “its going to be messy (mixing work and parenting)… but LEAN IN to the mess”. It’s okay!!! YAH! Garlic is messy too… and YUMM!


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