Energy for biking


I love riding my bike. One of the things I love about campgrounds is the bike-friendly nature of it all…

Above is Green Point, Pacific Rim. The kids zipped around here and there – roads, trails, we even thought of taking the bikes down to the beach. Would have been awesome to ride on the hard pack near the edge of the water as the tide goes out. Here is the “bike park” of the playground at Rathtrevor:

IMG_1043 IMG_1042 IMG_1041

Stefan is really getting the hang of his run bike!! We didn’t have adult bikes on our trip, and I so missed rolling along… this morning, 6am, while everyone slept in, I headed out with my bike, the Chariot & Stefan.

I thought of my bosom buddy, Joanna, and her new routine of morning bike rides in her new hometown of Kelowna. I drank a Hawaiian Green Tea in my waterbottle, and picked blackberries along the way.

I felt great. I smelled such a vast array of smells. I saw the sunrise. I appreciated the farm land, cool crisp air, and the sensations in my muscles as I rode along.

If you are looking for a great new drink, check out this tea… I am currently in process of calculating how much my morning coffee is costing me… organic, fair trade beans vs. Green Tea Hawaii… could coffee be $1 per cup, just like the green tea? I have never given the $$ of my java fix any thought…

Results to follow! Ask me for a sample of tea! Garner some energy for a morning bike ride… it’s a delicious treat!








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