Aren’t long weekends the BEST!?! We had a 4 day one, and kicked it off by hosting an easy, simple, and satisfying brunch for our much loved previous child care providers.

After that we were in slow packing mode (gave ourselves 1.5 days to accomplish it!) for camping at Lake Cowichan. Nothing like 48 hours of clear skies, all my family, all outdoors, no technology (no one up there can access WiFi, and next to nil cell service… yah!). A recipe for pure play and enjoyment in my books.

Add entire days of lake water swimming…

Oh, AND beach visits from four fantastic moms (plus ses gentils enfants!).

The best recharge.



Life is good. Phew, we needed that. So grateful. Rejoice!!

IMG_0705 IMG_0707

I forgot my camera! So all I can share is these photos of us upon re-entry home hours ago… sun kissed, warm, and far far more grounded than when we left.

Hello summer!!


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