Garlic Harvest!

IMG_1341 IMG_1343

Time to pull out the garlic! Seems amazing to harvest something that has been in ground since last Fall.

Makes me consider what other things could be pulled out?

Out with the old… and in a few months, in with the new! Plant some new cloves that will grow into beautiful bulbs.

We are in a season of pulling out the old stuff in our relationship… adding in some new… like Scrabble nights! There’s nothing like Scrabbling while having a discussion… it calms me, helps my mind focus, keeps my fingers busy, and allows time for reflection before talking again…

“Shutting down discussion is self-defeating and impedes progress. We need to talk and listen and debate and refute and instruct and learn and evolve”. Great quote from Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”… currently on my bookshelf. Hear here at this TED talk. While I don’t agree with everything she writes… it is food for thought for this working momma. At one point she says “its going to be messy (mixing work and parenting)… but LEAN IN to the mess”. It’s okay!!! YAH! Garlic is messy too… and YUMM!


Energy for biking


I love riding my bike. One of the things I love about campgrounds is the bike-friendly nature of it all…

Above is Green Point, Pacific Rim. The kids zipped around here and there – roads, trails, we even thought of taking the bikes down to the beach. Would have been awesome to ride on the hard pack near the edge of the water as the tide goes out. Here is the “bike park” of the playground at Rathtrevor:

IMG_1043 IMG_1042 IMG_1041

Stefan is really getting the hang of his run bike!! We didn’t have adult bikes on our trip, and I so missed rolling along… this morning, 6am, while everyone slept in, I headed out with my bike, the Chariot & Stefan.

I thought of my bosom buddy, Joanna, and her new routine of morning bike rides in her new hometown of Kelowna. I drank a Hawaiian Green Tea in my waterbottle, and picked blackberries along the way.

I felt great. I smelled such a vast array of smells. I saw the sunrise. I appreciated the farm land, cool crisp air, and the sensations in my muscles as I rode along.

If you are looking for a great new drink, check out this tea… I am currently in process of calculating how much my morning coffee is costing me… organic, fair trade beans vs. Green Tea Hawaii… could coffee be $1 per cup, just like the green tea? I have never given the $$ of my java fix any thought…

Results to follow! Ask me for a sample of tea! Garner some energy for a morning bike ride… it’s a delicious treat!








Holiday Bliss

IMG_1296 IMG_1301 IMG_1302

Growing up my Dad always took 2 consecutive weeks vacation, sometimes more as far as I can recall anyways. In 8 yrs, Kurt and I have rarely (if ever?) done this…

My family growing up (The Gerty’s) always camped BC Provincial Parks, for many years in a tent, and very often with my stellar cousins, the Dunlops. I have a soft spot for these parks… And, after a 13-night Island camping vacation, I now understand the bliss of this from a new perspective.

We have been healthy, happy, free, challenged, and best of all together. And, thankfully, back home safe and sound (we did have a very near head on collision at 80 km/hr. eek).

IMG_1273 IMG_1292 IMG_1289

While putting 3 kids to bed in a tent every night was a personal challenge, and stretched me, we were incredibly blessed with some hard sleeps, and SUNNY SKIES!

The last raindrops fell just before our arrival in Tofino 2 weeks ago, and the first raindrops fell this morning at 5am, just before a whirlwind rainy pack up on Cortes Island (see tent photo above). And, we were the very last car on the ferry TWICE! God was on our side this trip. We are grateful.

IMG_0753 IMG_0743 IMG_1272 IMG_1278

Long beach, Smelt Bay, Hague Lake, Rathtrevor beach, amazing park/playground in Parksville, wonderful “Market Day” in Courtenay… we have been almost 100% outside, and 100% media free for 2 weeks.

Holiday bliss.

More amazing photos to come, after our pizza pie day Saturday!




We have had a fair harvest from our garden so far… garlic scapes, broccoli that has gone to seed (cut up on pizza above, flowers and all!), fresh chives and oregano, and peas!! I am proud to say my little girl has grown some good ones:

IMG_0712 IMG_0661

At first she would pick them when they were 1/2 the length of her baby finger! But alas, this veggie girl (eating one of our favorite meals lately – a lettuce wrap – fill it with anything you’d wrap in a tortilla!)…. has learned to grow a good size pea!

Nice work modeling patience. Working towards a goal. Endurance. Delayed Gratification.


Mostly a lot of patience…

After 7 years of parenting, mine has worn thin. I could learn a lot from this patient pea grower!!




Aren’t long weekends the BEST!?! We had a 4 day one, and kicked it off by hosting an easy, simple, and satisfying brunch for our much loved previous child care providers.

After that we were in slow packing mode (gave ourselves 1.5 days to accomplish it!) for camping at Lake Cowichan. Nothing like 48 hours of clear skies, all my family, all outdoors, no technology (no one up there can access WiFi, and next to nil cell service… yah!). A recipe for pure play and enjoyment in my books.

Add entire days of lake water swimming…

Oh, AND beach visits from four fantastic moms (plus ses gentils enfants!).

The best recharge.



Life is good. Phew, we needed that. So grateful. Rejoice!!

IMG_0705 IMG_0707

I forgot my camera! So all I can share is these photos of us upon re-entry home hours ago… sun kissed, warm, and far far more grounded than when we left.

Hello summer!!