Kind of a Thursday

IMG_0580 IMG_0578

Yesterday we hired a babysitter for the morning. Now, we love our babysitter and she is great! Kind, playful, loving… all we could want. Somehow my kids took almost 24 hours to recover. Does anyone else experience this?? All was well, or seemed well, and then the moment we got back home after driving our babysitter home, 2/3 children went into a melancholy cocoon at any given point.

ALL afternoon. ALL evening. And even into the next day.

I believe the English language has no words for this type of activity. I could not even begin to describe its savageness. This is what makes parenting so hard… no? From the faces above and the concentrated efforts with the String Art, from what one sees outside the walls of the nuclear family… one could never believe the depth and breadth of emotional bursts of a 2, 4, and 7 yr old…

Well, I do welcome all emotions to spring forth in our home…we are all emotional. I accept this part. I may not always like it, but I accept it. There is no “cut it out” or “that’s enough” in this home… we must move through our emotions if we are to learn to be emotional beings for life. Emotions make us human. And humane.

However, what I would never choose is to spend such a sunny beautiful afternoon, the start to summer, mediating a bounty of others’ emotions and ensuring they all come out in appropriate ways. I feel like I missed my yesterday… the yesterday that would have been had I been able to move and express my own emotions. Which were, in contrast, quite positive! ARGH! This momma was frustrated inside.

So, today when all suddenly emerged from the melancholy cocoon (1/2 hour ago!) I decided it was time to celebrate with these cookies.

IMG_0582 IMG_0581

YAY! Its a new day. Mommy will stay home today, and all feel settled and well loved.

Phew. This last 24 hours took a lot out of me.

Now time to get up and start fresh. Like children are so quickly able to do!!


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