Being Quiet

IMG_0576 IMG_0577

We always enjoy our quiet time. I think the Europeans have their daily rhythm right – the siesta really appeals to me. Our oldest, little d, napped until she was 5 and more… and now our little guy is doing his first “quiet time”. Maybe its true with the 3rd you become more flexible (I prefer this to saying I’m “lax”).

He’s been getting up to wander around the house for quite some time… I think with my 1st I would have persisted more in having “my way”. But now I see that different things fit different kids at different times… trying to fit them into my mold is never enjoyable or peaceful. So, today, he did quiet time with his sisters… and now we head out to the library and pool!

Its been a great day… bicycle ride, park, watching neighbors play tennis, getting to know and sharing cookies with new neighbors… lying in the grass, eating our red currants:

IMG_0574 IMG_0572

Why ruin it over sleep? Just learn to be peaceful together…


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