Fresh New Leaf

IMG_0404 IMG_0519

We are turning over a fresh new leaf as we enter the 2nd summer in our new home and community. We are, quite thankfully, on summer vacation! We began our first day by taking a bike ride and picnic to the nearby park. Many greens and herbs have been on our plates from our garden… and today, our first strawberry!!

IMG_0403 IMG_0525

I must admit I have not had the oomph needed to get many an inside project done. I should have taken a “before” photo of what this lovely plethora of mommy’s “work day stuff” has looked like for the last number of months! Blessed by a $25 shelf find from a fantastic moving sale… et voila! First indoor project done.

IMG_0517 IMG_0526

That feels better. Phew. The “story of stuff” is amazing to me. If there is one thing I don’t enjoy, and lack motivation for, it is moving around and organizing all my “stuff”… shall I just pull up the dump truck outside and send it all away? Well, not so far… so, until then, I will be attacking one indoor project at a time. Taking manageable bites.

IMG_0522 IMG_0524

But, still spending the majority of my time on these little darlings… while they are still young and yearn to be near me, eating juicy watermelon butterflies.





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