Three Generations of Sisters


I am so fortunate to be a part of 3 generations of fabulous girls and women. We had the true blessing of all being in the same place, at the same time, and went for an impromptu photo shoot with talented photographer Uncle Peter. My Grandma Edna is the matriarch of this fabulous waterfall of women. Edna is a fabulous force!! I should photoshop her into this photo one day… any volunteers with skills?


I’ve always had deep respect for my Aunt Noreen and Uncle Peter. These are the relatives we spent 2 weeks EVERY summer camping with. No matter what year, or what age I was, I always felt drawn to be part of this recurring holiday that really resonated in my heart… and was FUN! I have also always loved the city they are from – Calgary – and treasure those times I’ve been able to visit.

Enough about me.

My aunt once gave us a baby quilt she had made – an “I Spy” blanket – that can be used for amusement on car rides, sick days, and many other moments of connection. This trip she floored me when she showed up with not one, not two, but THREE full-size quilts!! Even my mom didn’t know she was cooking up this surprise! Here are the kids first receiving them:

IMG_0369 IMG_0376 IMG_0371 IMG_0374

As you can see my Uncle Peter is one of the most engaged, kid-interested people I know. We had so much fun with his smiles, teasing, rough housing, jokes, and we dove into his arms!! This is a guy we don’t have to think twice about hugging. He is full of genuine love and care.

Back to those quilts… what a complete and total treasure. Receiving them was one of those moments there is really nothing to say, and everything to feel. What a wonder!!

These quilts ferociously replaced our old ones, which were nothing special. I always had reverence for the idea of creating special bedding for each of my kids… I guess I had other priorities and just never got there… the kids have seemed to be happy using any old blanket and sheet set… but now I see they were waiting for this moment to be wrapped with stitch after stitch of love, made just for them:

IMG_0387 IMG_0416 IMG_0415

As the tag says “Pieced and Quilted with Love by Aunt Noreen for ____”. These treasures will last a lifetime I am quite sure.

Quilted. With Love. Just as every day, and every moment should be.

We then had a rousing game of “I Spy” with our son’s quilt… complete with my “baby” cousin (we always thought of him as he was the youngest one) Andrew… who is now – THIRTY FOUR!?!? What happened! I love the men from the Altimas clan – they come from a great patriarch… my Grandpa Rayfield (BTW I always wanted to name one of our kids Ray). He would be the subject of a whole other blog.


Okay back to the quilts. After night one, Daria woke up and immediately made her bed for the first time on her own initiative:


Forever grateful. We love you Aunt Noreen!!! We will every day be reminded what a special person you are, and how much you love us!!


Our parting “happy hour” – had to share this as we so enjoyed nibbling around the little table. I love being surrounded by people who have known me for my lifetime. Especially in our “new” home.

Thanks soooo much for visiting! Come again!!





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