Playing for Work

My kids love to play. Play is the main “occupation” of childhood… and that being said, as a pediatric occupational therapist (OT), I mainly play for work!! Our children all know this, and it piques their interest I think… especially since they are not quite sure yet what Daddy does for work other than having a “work day car” and going to Saltspring every week. Some things are best left unsaid!


This shot is Daria before taking off in her “stage blacks” for her first musical theater performance. Is she ever in her element on stage!?!?! It is beautiful to watch her have so much fun. As my Dad watched the show on Friday he said “its pretty damn good!”. And I think he’s right. Hopefully I’ll have more photos/videos to share after our family watches the final show this afternoon.

IMG_0231 IMG_0792

How can you tell someone is in their element? When what they are doing, what they occupies their time, has life, love, laughter… as I launch my new website today, I pray I always bring light, breath, and new freedoms to those I have the pleasure of “working” with. It is my pleasure to be invited into the lives of others in such a unique, and PLAYFUL way!


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