Spotlight on the eldest

IMG_0145 IMG_0140

Every once in a while I have a moment of true clarity. I feel like my eldest has these moments one after another, all day long… in the above photo she is running her first apple juice stand with her siblings. She is discerning all the ins and outs of this stand: how can we make this stand more “tempting” for people coming by? She is concluding her stand will become busier as “rush hour” starts and people are coming home from work. She is contemplating giving out samples, and then people can buy a cup if they like it… but also realizing if she does this she might make less money as she would give away more juice (rather than sell it). She is dreaming, planning, playing… and I have never been able to keep up!

Her mind is always going, always discovering, always creating, always integrating… it has been amazing to watch and listen for 7 years. One of the things I am most looking forward to about Waldorf education is having someone else spend every day (almost!) with this child, for 7+ years (as we have!), and finding out what this person sees, what they intuit, what they feel. We very much feel little d is an “old soul” – many of her characteristics she has had, and honed, since an incredibly young age… so far, her kindergarten teachers have felt her “heart sense” and quiet leadership – that she always seems to know what the group needs, what each child needs (and she is often able to provide it!) from moment to moment.

IMG_0153 IMG_0149

As she prepares for her first musical theatre performance this week, I pray she always reaches for the stars… she always climbs high… using all of her gifts, and yet, she remains soft in her heart, like the center of these cream filled chocolates we made last week. She is an incredible gift to our family, and it is my absolute pleasure to spend each day with her. My little treasure… as your Godparents have said this week “break a leg!”. You finally have opportunity to share your love of the stage, performing, and theater. I have always been your biggest fan, and can’t wait to be a part of your audience!




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