There is something magical that happens as a child drifts off to sleep… while we no longer cuddle them in our arms as they do so, we do enjoy watching them breathe and seeing how the have fallen to sleep – cuddling a favorite teddy, leaning into their pillows, nestled comfy in their blankets.

IMG_0118 IMG_0116

Daria’s teacher, Ruth Ker, put together this lovely poem for Daria’s birthday. She makes a unique one for each child, and she says it is always true of the child. We read it every night at bedtime. Ruth suggested this, as doing so strengthens the child. Simple. Caring. Heart sense.

IMG_0117  IMG_0120

The beauty and intuitive aspects of Waldorf education have really fueled our family over the years. What also fuels us each day is just taking a few moments at night to observe and be with our sleeping children. Precious. Quiet. Peaceful. Now to weave our day with this peace…


One thought on “Sleeping…

  1. How sweet… I didn’t realize each verse was different.. I sing Zoe hers every night as well, it brings a smile everytime 🙂

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