Breakfast at the Beach

IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0088

It was a reflective morning. The kids were busy making houses at Cherry Point beach, while I took time with a PhD OT student from Winnepeg to reflect on my professional journey as an OT… She is using The Kawa Model – a framework developed by the Japanese, which brings in nature as a familiar metaphor.

The model uses a river to represent the flow of our life. While the river wants to flow, there are “rocks” that get in its way – events that happen – and there are “logs” that float here and there in all different patterns which represent our personal characteristics at the time the events occur. Some of these logs are just “there” and some actually block the flow of the river down its natural course.

After taking some time to reflect… we all swung out into our day, full of the ah! wonder of nature, and feeling joyful at all the blessings we have shared:

IMG_0084 IMG_0081 IMG_0076


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